A Complementary New Approach

The challenges facing drylands already form part of the agenda of many initiatives aimed at addressing food security, sustainable livelihoods, hunger, and poverty. Throughout the world, a range of organizations are producing valuable research and implementing much needed development programs in drylands. These efforts are widely supported by dryland nations and will not be duplicated by GDA.

However, to speed deployment of technological innovations, a need exists for the nations affected by dryland challenges to collaborate to identify effective food security policies. These activities should complement efforts already underway, whilst targeting the specific needs and conditions of individual nation states.

As members of GDA, dryland nations can play a leading role in crafting integrated agricultural, water and energy use strategies for their own benefit, and in sharing the best practices they develop with other dryland countries across the globe. The Alliance will act as link between organizations working to address food security, and facilitate the dissemination of solutions to its members.


The commitment of Alliance members will include:

  • Participation in joint preventive and response mechanisms
  • Supporting research and technology development to enhance sustainable food production
  • Making means-based financial contributions to support a small and focused secretariat


GDA is collaborating with research institutions and development agencies in the governmental, civil society and private sector, which are focused on food security solutions for dry lands.

By cooperating and collaborating with these organizations and networks, GDA will facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practice, and support its member countries in navigating the solutions that address dry land issues.


  • Islamic Development Bank
  • African Development Bank
  • World Bank
  • International Center for Biosaline Agriculture
  • Asian Development Bank

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